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About Us

KomplaintBox provides a simple and effective way to solve your complaints against banks and financial institutions in India.

Our team of Banking Experts will provide consumers and business owners with fair, effective and independent resolution for their complaints or grievances against Banks and Financial Institutions

5 Reasons Why You Should Trust KomplaintBox

  • 01

    Banking Expertise

    KomplaintBox is managed by banking experts with in-depth experience in various functions of the industry. They are well versed with the information and documentation that are required to ensure effective resolution to a consumer complaints
  • 02

    Unbiased Guidance

    Customers will receive unbiased guidance from our banking experts throughout the resolution journey. We will provide consumers with the most effective method to address the complaint
  • 03

    Happy Customers

    Testimonials provided by satisfied consumers. We will provide regular updates on the complaints lodged by consumers
  • 04

    Pricing Based on Success

    Our pricing will be directly related to the outcome of the complaint In case of non-resolution we will refund the advisory fees without any questions
  • 05

    Customer Awareness

    We will support and provide answers on all queries customers may have Our initiative supports the social angle of customer protection, awareness and improving confidence in the banking system

How does KomplaintBox work?


Complete all necessary information and submit the complaint to KomplaintBox


KomplaintBox will contact you and collect additional inputs and necessary supporting documents


KomplaintBox will assess the complaint and take a decision on action


KomplaintBox will advise you of the assessment and the indicative fees for assisting in resolution


KomplaintBox will obtain your approval to proceed further


KomplaintBox will prepare the necessary documentation and initiate the resolution process with the bank


KomplaintBox will keep escalating the complaint if the response is inadequate


Customer receives resolution from the Bank